How big is the Ab Celerate?

Depth 85 cm with the backseat in upright position, 128 cm with seat reclined

Height: 91.5 cm with backseat in upright position, 30 cm with seat reclined

Width  58.4 cm

Weight – 9.4 kg

What weight can the Ab Celerate hold?

Up to 240 lbs / 108 kg

Does the Ab Celerate work the entire body?

Yes! The Ab Celerate works out Abs, Arms, Legs, Back and Glutes

Can I get added resistance to increase my upper body workout?

Yes.  With the extra resistance bands. They are ideal for building additional resistance. 

What is included with the Ab Celerate?

The Ab Celerate comes with an Instruction Manual, a Diet Plan Booklet, and a Workout Guide.

How much is Shipping for the Ab Celerate?

 Shipping and Handling is Free.

Can I return the Ab Celerate if I am not satisfied?

Yes. The Ab Celerate comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  Customer pays return shipping costs.   

Does the Ab Celerate come with a Warranty?

Yes. The Ab Celerate has a One-Year Limited Warranty.  A copy of the Warranty can be found on our website at

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