How big is the Treadmill?

          Folded (centimetres): 46 x 61 x 143  [built-in wheels for easy storage]

Unfolded: (centimetres): 136 x 61 x 117

          Weight: 54 lbs / 24.5 kg

How large is the platform?

          33 cm wide x 104 cm long

How long is the electrical cord?

          The cord is 2 m long.

What weight can the Treadmill hold?

          Up to 242 lbs /110 kg

What is included with the Treadmill?

The Treadmill comes with an Instruction Manual, Workout Guide and a Diet Plan Booklet

Does the Treadmill have a monitor to help me keep track of my Work Out?

The Treadmill has a built-in LCD monitor that keeps track of pulse rate, time, distance, and calories burned plus 3 automatic programs to suit your level of fitness.

How fast does the Treadmill go?

          Treadmill has variable speeds up to 6 kph.     

Does the Treadmill come with a safety turn-off?

Yes, the Treadmill has a magnetic safety key that you attach to your clothing. When it senses that you are too far away from the console, the Treadmill automatically switches off. See the Instruction Manual, page 8 for complete instructions.

Can I return the Treadmill if I am not satisfied?

Yes. The Treadmill comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Does the Treadmill come with a Warranty?

Yes.  The Treadmill has a 1-Year Limited Warranty.